Hello I’m Viva Max, a New York City based wedding planner. I’m glad we’re meeting at such an exciting time in your life!

You are a fun-loving, and perhaps busy, couple in love with a goal of hosting an awesome party with your closest friends and family. The intimidating part is the prospect of coming home from work everyday just to wade through endless event details and a laundry list of tasks by yourselves. I am here to help. Together we prioritize your to-dos, develop your vision, and get your party planned right.

In addition to producing weddings for nearly a decade, I have also spent time selling wedding dresses, custom stationery, wedding catering services and more. I have immersed myself in an industry that I love, learning every angle, and constantly improving my ability to plan your perfect wedding.

I will be your resource, your teammate and your cheerleader, helping you make informed decisions so you can enjoy a relaxed and happy day with each other. If things get hectic, I’ll be the first person there with hugs, high fives and real solutions.


I entered the wedding industry in 2004 working for a Manhattan mom and pop bridal salon, followed by a position on the planning team at the high-end wedding firm The Wedding Library. I then spent three years planning weddings for my own clients while also working as a wedding stationer for Kate’s Paperie. Most recently, I developed a deeper understanding of catering logistics while planning weddings and events with the Brooklyn catering company Naturally Delicious.

Viva Max Weddings was born in 2013, and with it comes the well-rounded method that I bring from my years in the industry. My approach brings practicality, know-how, enthusiasm and spunk to the wedding planning process. Clients praise me for my relaxed but efficient, genuine and professional manner. The way that I inspire and nurture every vendor allows all the tiny pieces of a perfect wedding to come together seamlessly.