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Julie & Dan

Words cannot express how much your hard work, intuition, creativity and good spirits helped to create the most beautiful and truly magical destination wedding anyone could wish for.  Everything went so superbly and everyone whom you suggested Dan and Julie hire turned out to be spectacular choices. How can you beat that? You have a deep and spiritual soul with a lightness and calmness of being perfect for the job you have chosen as your life’s work. The families of Dan and Julie will treasure the special moments of their union knowing that the flawlessness of the pageantry was due in no small part to you.

Thank you so very, very much for your caring and attention to every detail.

Frieda, Mother of the Bride, Julie and Dan
September 2014

Ragnar & Zach

Thank you so much for the incredible amount of work and effort you put into our wedding. You were Completely Amazing and the weekend would not have been so exceptional without your help. I want you to know that we are aware – at least to the extent possible – of the breadth and depth of your contribution. We have had the opportunity to really reflect on the wedding and we feel so grateful that our friends and family traveled to be there – without your presence it would not have been nearly as pleasant for us. Thank you for shouldering much of the stress and logistics. It is really such an invaluable gift. Thank you times one billion!!!

Ragnar and Zach
June 2014

Elizabeth & Josh

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are for all your help & hard work throughout this process. Knowing you were on our team helped soothe so many worries and helped us be able to look toward the wedding with joy and anticipation. You are the absolute best and we are forever grateful for all you have done for us!

Elizabeth and Josh
May 2014

Mariah & Dan

Viva to the Max!
Thank you for all of your expertise from beginning to end. You’ve kept us calm, organized and excited. We were so lucky to have you on this journey with us. We hope to bump into you hailing cabs on Underhill!

Mariah and Dan
December 2013

Heather & Eric

What can we say? You pulled it off and we couldn’t be happier! Our wedding at Brooklyn Bowl was absolutely perfect and a huge part of that was due to you. We know people will be talking about this party for years to come. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in and for being open to our unconventional requests. We hope to see you again soon.

Heather & Eric
September 2013

Jenni & Max

We love you for so many reasons. You are a beautiful burst of life and energy in this world. You are fun and exciting to be around. That alone is a reason to thank you. Even more, the whole process of planning this wedding would have been a nightmare without you. You were an enormous help and have given us a great wedding. I could ramble for hours and never fully express how appreciative we are for your help and your amazing sparkling energy!

Limitless love and bottomless thanks!

Jenni and Max
January 2012


You only get married in grand style once. (Unless you’re, like, Elizabeth Taylor, I guess.) We feel incredibly lucky to have had you as our fearless leader on the project. Your guidance, insight and personality made our wedding what it was: our friends and fam have told us over and over that it was the best they’d ever been. Many of them said they could feel the care that you and our vendors put into the effort – which we feel you inspired and nurtured in the team.  Your’re relaxed but efficient, genuine and professional. It was your ability to create a spirit of cooperation between vendors that allowed all of the tiny and not-so-tiny pieces of the puzzle to come together so perfectly on our big day. More than once we looked around and at ourselves and marveled at what goes into the production of a fantasy wedding. Most of our answers led back to you. Thanks again. We’ll be recommending you to everyone we know.

Megan and Macgregor
August 2010


I hired Viva for “day-of” wedding coordination. About six weeks before my wedding, I had started to get nervous that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself on my wedding day because I would be so nervous about all of the details I had spent so many months planning out. I didn’t want to have phone numbers in my pocket in case one of the vendors didn’t show up and I also didn’t want to keep checking a clock to make sure we were keeping on schedule that day. A friend introduced me to Viva and I was impressed from the first time we spoke.

Viva did so much more than help with day-of wedding coordination. She and I met many times over the last few weeks leading up the wedding. During that time, she created a binder that included copies of all of our vendor contracts, an extremely detailed schedule for our wedding day that Viva had put together, a detailed floorplan for the reception, lists of everyone’s contact information, lists of what to bring and what would need to be packed up after the reception, etc. Viva was also a tremendous resource for final detail ideas. She helped me design the menus, and worked with the lighting coordinator at the reception location to make the space look beautiful. During the last two – three weeks, Viva took over all communication with our vendors and the folks at our church and reception location, leaving me time to deal with my job, honeymoon preparation and family arrangements. It was extremely helpful.

On our wedding day, Viva and her team of pros met me at the hotel where I was getting ready and stayed with us through the end of the reception. From coordinating our transportation, working with our photographer to make sure we took all of the photos on our portrait list, cueing the classical trio we’d hired during the ceremony, removing my veil, bustling my dress, and taking gifts to our bridal suite, they kept our entire event on track and running smoothly. And at the end of the night, they gathered up all of the items I had wanted to bring back home and took them to my apartment for me, including my bouquet and some of the floral arrangements from our cocktail hour.

I can’t imagine what I would have done without Viva’s event planning expertise, organization, professionalism, encouragement, and help. It was such a tremendous relief to have her running the show on our wedding day and my new husband and I took full advantage of her help to focus on celebrating our special occasion with our family and friends. And she was such a pleasure to work with and get to know. I cannot recommend her event planning services highly enough.

Loren & Judd
March 2009


Gabrielle and I wanted to write to thank you once again for everything you did for us in organizing our wedding.  Your superb attention to detail and careful planning meant that everything went flawlessly and we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves without being preoccupied with any logistical problems.  Your sunny disposition and willingness to make yourself available for consultation throughout our wedding planning was beyond anything we could have hoped for or expected.  We especially appreciated your resourcefulness at solving all last-minute difficulties!  Thank you for helping to make what could otherwise have been a hectic and bothersome period into a pleasurable one.

With all best wishes
Gabrielle and David
November 2008


Viva was more than a guide, she was a trusted friend throughout the process of planning our wedding and — most importantly — executing everything over the entire wedding weekend.  Although we were our own “wedding planners” we knew we would need someone to be in charge — to coordinate the vendors and deal with any issues that arose (as they always do) so that we could enjoy our big day.

Viva was there at every turn offering helpful suggestions and critical feedback when we were in danger of going off the tracks.  From transportation for our families to entertainment for the Sunday brunch and absolutely everything for the day and night of our wedding — Viva and her team were there making sure that everything went smoothly — it was the best money we spent.

We cannot recommend her highly enough.
Howie and David
November 2008


Viva really fit our needs perfectly. Being a bit of a micro-managing planner, I wanted to deal with all the vendors and details, but I knew that wasn’t possible the day of the event – if I wanted to actually enjoy the wedding! Viva reached out to all the vendors we had hired and talked to them the week of the wedding. Viva did an exceptional job at managing the wedding day and every detail that we had planned, such as interfacing with the vendors, timing all of the logistics and catering to all our needs and wants. Viva was loved by the wedding party, vendors and wedding facility.

Caroline and Jon
August 2008


I can not begin to thank you enough for making my daughter’s wedding a beautiful event. The decorations at the reception were fabulous!!  Everything was so beautiful and each action of hard work was done because all of you love my Elizabeth and now my Justin… Richard and I thank you so much for making Elizabeth’s and Justin’s wedding day so special. Take care.

Love and prayers
, Momdaley
Martha Daley, 
Mother of the Bride,
 Liz and Justin
July 2006